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Tierheimhunde und ihr schlechter Ruf: 10 überzeugende Gründe für die Adoption

Shelter dogs and their bad reputation: 10 compelling reasons to adopt


Shelter animals still have the label of being difficult – antisocial, aggressive, unpredictable, dangerous. This applies to a few, but by no means all. That's why in this article we explain the many benefits that come with shelter animals.

1. Well-rated animals:

Many shelter animals do not have a traumatic past. Animal shelters invest a lot of time in getting to know their protégés and matching them with loving people. The character and personality assessments are often precise and enable an ideal choice of partner.

2. You help two animals at once:

Adopting a shelter animal not only saves a life, but also makes room for another animal that might not otherwise have a chance. This is particularly important in times of overcrowding to prevent euthanasia in emergencies.

3. Post against the puppy and kitten mafia:

Choosing a shelter animal sends a clear message to mass breeding operations and helps fight the cruel puppy and kitten mafia. Less demand means less incentive for mass production.

4. Justified Price:

Adopting from a shelter is more cost-effective than purchasing from a breeder. Fees often cover vaccinations, spay/neuter, and veterinary exams. This not only saves money, but also takes a stand against excessive puppy prices.

5. Checked and medically cared for animal:

Most shelter animals have regular veterinary checks, and many have already received expensive treatment. The transparent documentation ensures that you receive accurate information about the animal's health.

6. Suitable animal for you:

Animal shelters offer a variety of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. You can choose an animal that suits your lifestyle and needs. The animal shelters know their protégés well and can help you find the ideal animal for you.

7. Less Effort:

Animal shelters often offer adult, house-trained animals that have already been trained. You don't have to go through the arduous phase of puppy training, and many dogs have already experienced positive changes from experienced dog trainers.

8. Support a worthwhile cause:

By adopting, you help cover the costs of caring for and caring for the animals. You support the important work of animal shelters that help animals in need.

9. A good feeling:

Adopting from a shelter is a fulfilling experience. You give an animal a second chance and receive genuine affection in return. Overcoming challenges together strengthens the relationship between humans and animals.

10. Help with:

If you do not want to take in an animal from the animal shelter for personal reasons, you can still help by signing the “Brandbrief Animal Welfare” and taking an active part in supporting animal welfare. Also by purchasing ours Animal welfare tokens you can actively participate in it

Support animal welfare.

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